Our Vision

Vision of OFSDP-II

OFSDP-II has adopted following strategic approaches to achieve the project objectives:

  1. Micro Plan as a community development plan through strengthening of convergence.
  2. Enhanced support for cluster business development and partnership ecosystem through Livelihood Resource Centre.
  3. Gender Mainstreaming and
  4. Creating Models for Community-Based Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (CMRV) System for Sustainable Forest Management for Odisha.

OFSDP-II envisaged to cover 57,000 ha under plantations (51000 Ha under ANR and 6000 Ha under AR) under the OFSDP-II, which will lead 15% reduction in degraded forest area in the target VSS and enhancement of house hold income by 15% in the project area. Further Farm Forestry over 10,000 Ha land (i.e. 3rd year 2500 ha, 4th year 3250 ha, 5th year 3000 ha & 6th year 1250 ha) lands also envisaged covering about famers. Further different government schemes will also be converged in the programme villages.

OFSDP-II also envisaged to upgrade capacities of the institutions created under the Project which will be sustainably managing their natural resources with equitable distribution of usufructs and will be capacitated enough to implement their own development plan in convergence.

During the project period 1200 number of VSS will be organized. Out of which 355 VSSs are formed in Phase-I and 423 VSSs in Phase-II, 350 VSSs in Phase-III and 72 VSSs in Phase-IV are to be formed.