Our Mission

Mission of the Society

The mission of the Society for improving environment through restoration of forests and elIeviating poverty by improving the income level of villagers through promotion of sustainable forest management and community development practices.
The society Will specifically work for:

  1. restoration of degraded forests with active participation of the people in selected villages following the joint forest management approach preparing and implementing area Specific & integrated micro plans
  2. promotion of community/tribal development through own initiative and convergence of development schemes
  3. enhancing capacity of participating communities, and the members of the PMU & DMUs and other staff engaged in the Project
  4. raising coastal shelter belt plantations, and other plantation modules,
  5. adoption of modern techniques of scientific management for accelerated benefits from integrated development programmes,
  6. effective dissemination of information through appropriate extension activities,
  7. achieving convergence and synergy through coordination of activities of various agencies engaged in development of forestry sector
  8. To carry out any further activities in the furtherance of the above objectives.