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Gender Mainstreaming Strategy Cell formed by OFSDP-II

The Odisha Forestry Sector Development Project, Phase –II (OFSDP-II) has a major mandate on Gender mainstreaming in implementation of project components. To achieve this project objective, the OFSDP-II constituted a Gender Mainstreaming Strategy Cell at the Project Management Unit on 28th September 2018. The cell will strategise and spearhead the practices of Gender Mainstreaming in the project. Dr. (Mrs) Meeta Biswal, IFS, Additional Project Director of the OFSDP-II is the Chairperson of the newly constituted cell. This cell will develop and implement the Gender Main Streaming Strategy, Action Plans and other budget related activities in the OFSDP-II. Simillary, Nodal Officers are being approinted at DMU and FMU levels for monitoring the process of Gender Mainstreaming Activity.