Capacity Building training programme organised for project personnel on Gender Mainstreaming, Environmental and Social Management System Framework (ESMSF) and Scheduled Tribes and Forest Depndents Plan Framework (STFDPF) and CMRV Guidelines

A one day Orientation and Capacity Building Training for RCCFs and DMU personnel was organised on various cross cutting issues on 19th April 2022. The CBT programme was organised to sensitise and orient RCCFs, DMU Chiefs and Subject Matter Specialists (SMSs) on different cross cutting issues, namely- Gender Mainstreaming (GM), Environmental and Social Management System Framework (ESMSF) and Scheduled Tribe and Forest Dependents Plan Framework (STFDPF) and Community Based Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (CMRV) under OFSDP-II.

Dr. Meeta Biswal, IFS, PCCF (Projects) & Project Director, OFSDS inaugurated the first ever CBT programme in India on different cross cutting issues of JICA assisted project OFSDP II.

In her opening remarks, she gave an overview on Gender Mainstreaming as one of the key cross cutting component of OFSDP-II and utility of Criteria and Indicators Framework for VSS level assessment and project level assessment of Gender Mainstreaming. PD also highlighted the mandate of JICA assisted projects to internalize and institionalize the safeguard measures for avoiding adverse environmental and social impact of implementation of a project, if any, in the project area.

The RCCFs of Rourkela, Berhampur, Bhawanipatna and Angul circle participated in the training programme alongwith the DFO-cum-DMU Chiefs, Subject Matter Specialists of 12 Project Divisions operational under OFSDP-II.

PCCF(Projects) & Project Director, OFSDS released three books and guidelines prepared by publication units of PMU, OFSDP-II on this occasion and the same was distributed among the filed participants. The books released on this occasion are -

  • Policy Review Paper on Gender Mainstreamig Strategies under OFSDP-II under JFM Resolution 2011 read with amendment of 2015
  • Comprehensive Framework for Asessment of Gender Mainstreaming at Project Level and VSS level under OFSDP-II
  • Guideline on Environmental and Social Management System Framework (ESMSF) & Scheduled Tribe and Forest Dependents Plan Framework (STFDPF) under OFSDP-II.

Books and Guidelines released by PCCF (Projects) & PD, OFSDS at the
Orientationand CBT programme on cross cutting issues of OFSDP-II