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Meeting on Implementation of Satoyama Initiatives in Bamra (WL) Division under OFSDP-II held at PMU

A consultative meeting on preparation of Action Plan for implementation of Satoyama initiatives in Badrama Sanctuary of Bamra (Wildlife) Division under OFSDP-II was covened at PMU, OFSDS on 16th August 2018.

Shri L.K.Tewari, PD, OFSDP made a detaled background presentation on the Satoyama initiatives envisioned for implementation under OFSDP-II, which covered an introduction to Satoyama initiative, approaches of implementation, provision of membership in International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiatives (IPSI) and on the conceptual frame work of Satoyama model proposed for implementation under OFSDP - II.

DFO-cum-DMU Chief, Sambalpur and DFO-cum-DMU Chief, Padmapur (KL), who had visited Japan on exposure visit to Satoyama models during 2016 made an elaborate presentation on their learnings and inputs for implmentation in OFSDP-II project area.

DFO-cum-DMU Chief of Bamra (WL) Division also made a presentation on the preparedness of Bamra (WL) Division and narrated preparation status of Work Plan of the Satoyama model in Badrama Sanctuary area under OFSDP-II.