Discussions held on process documentation on project activities

PMU facilitated a discussion on 6th April 2023 with Dr. Niraj Kumar, Professor of Rural Development of XIM University, Bhubaneswar on the methodologies of process documentation i.e in the form of case stories impacted by the Project. The PCCF (Projects) & Project Director, OFSDS deliberated on the need of highlighting key achievements of various projects of OFSDS and mainstreaming the unsung achievers at grasroot level to bigger forums. Different tools and modes of documenting the case stories were discussed in the meeting. The process of documentation of these stories of struggle and success at the grassroot level of “Unsung Sheroes” was discussed by Dr. Niraj Kumar, Professor, XIM University.

During the meeting, Dr Niraj Kmar presented a copy of his book Ïncredible Stories: Changemakers of Bharat to PCCF (Projects) & Project Director, OFSDS.