Generation Activities (IGA)

The basic approach of the Project was to promote  income generation activities to support the income of local communities. A total of 7,358 Self Help Groups (SHGs) in all 14 project divisions were linked through loans provided by the project to each VSS/EDC in shape of 'VSS Revolving Fund' @ of Rs.1 lakh. Besides, additional 'VSS Revolving Fund' up to Rs.1.50 Lakh was provided to some of the performing VSSs depending upon their absorption capacity. The project also carried out market research through a specialized Agency for suggesting area based IGAs, based on a comprehensive Livelihood Opportunity Analysis (LoA) and Value Chain Analysis (VCA). The Income Generation Support Agencies (IGASA) were engaged for hand holding, capacity building, cluster formation, value addition and facilitation of appropriate market linkages. Various income generating activities prevailing in the VSS/EDC, such as vegetation cultivation, fishery, trading of non-timber forest produces like tamarind, turmeric, hill broom, sal & siali leaf cup & plate, myrobelons, mushroom, Char, Mahua flower, incense sticks, maize, etc. were supported and promoted through Self Help Groups comprising of villagers and loans were provided by the VSS/EDC for execution of these activities. About 70 clusters organized under the OFSDP started bulk trading of their products like deseeded Tamarind, Siali leaf plates, Potatoes, Onions, Cashew, Turmeric, Char, Hill brooms, Mahua flower, incense sticks, maize, etc.

Some Income Generating Activities performed under OFSDP by SHGs


Some Income Generating Cluster Based Activities under OFSDP