Project Directors incumbency


 Sri Arun K. Bansal (IFS)

Addl. PCCF (27.06.2006 to 30.06.2009)
PCCF (01.07.2009 to 28.12.2010)

Being the first Project Director, the formulation of OFSDP and implementation of the project was  initiated during his tenure. The Odisha Forest Development Society was registered as SPV for implementation of OFSDP. The Project was formulated, apprised and approved, and the guidelines for implementation of project components were adopted during this period. Services of  General Consultancy was commissioned for facility the project Implementation. All necessary capacity development at DMU and FMU level completed and the field survey and mapping of VSS area were done. MIS for OFSDP components was developed for monitoring of the Project.


 Sri Vinod Kumar (IFS)

Addl. PCCF (29.12.2010 to 28.08.2011)
PCCF (29.08.2011 to 29.09.2014)

During his tenure, the project extension for  2 years i.e  upto March, 2015. Two additional components, i.e. Farm Forestry and under planting of NTFP crops in ANR areas were included Re-visit of all microplans was done for VSSs. General consultancy period was also extended. Proposal for OFSDP Phase II was formulated and submitted to MoEF. Geomatic Cell was set up and made functional with web GIS monitoring and MIS for IGA operations. Corpus Fund was released to all the VSSs. Additional Revolving Fund was released to VSS's for strengthening IGA. IGA clusters were formed and equipped with infrastructure. OFSDS CATP for UIP and UKP catchments. was inintiated


 Dr Ajit Kumar Patnaik (IFS)

Addl. PCCF (30.09.2014 to 02.03.2015)

Additional charge of the PCCF Projects cum PD OFSDS. During this period the mobile GIS application was made operational and mobile handsets were made available the Project Divisions upto Forester level for uploading the data directly from the field. IGRA was conceptualised and ₹4.00 Cr was earmarked. Canopy Cover change Analysis of OFSDP intervention sites was carried out. AJY preparatory activities was initiated


 Sri Subash Chandra Mishra (IFS)

PCCF (03.03.2015 to 30.09.2015)

OFSDP implementation was over on 31.03.2015 during this period and all the claims were sent to JICA. i.e. Ama Jungala Yojana implementation in Part-I 13 forest divisions with engagement of P-NGOs.


Sri L.K. Tewari (IFS)

CCF (01.10.2015 to 09.11.2015)

Additional charge of the PCCF Projects cum PD OFSDS. Catchment Area Treatment Plan (CATP) implementation was strengthened through convergence with MGNREGS. Also the farm forestry plantations were evaluated for survival.


 Dr Ajit Kumar Patnaik (IFS)


PCCF (10.11.2015 to 31.03.2017)

OFSDP Phase II proposal got included in the rolling plan of JICA for 2015-16. Ama Jungala Yojana implementation geared up and extened to 24 divisions preparation of guidelines for Survey demarcation, PNGO Collaboration, Micro plan preparation and all the manuals for capacity building trainings in the field has been developed. Ten formal process of Phase-II OFSDP, project inited