Capacity Development

To build the capacity of communities associated with OFSDP-Phase-II and the staff and support agencies at different levels, training will be carried out as per the training master plan developed, based on Training Need Analysis exercise. Apart from various technical and managerial trainings on the implementation strategy and other matters, it also includes gender training. Capacity development of the members of the VSS committee and those of the SHGs will be carried out both for administrative and technical matters in the project implementation.

Components / Sub-Component Scope
Executing Agency 1 PMU, 12 DMU, 50 FMU
Community Institutions 1,200 VSS
Training of Partner NGOs 50 PNGOs Teams
Training of Animators 2,400 Animators
Promotion of Product Cluster at DMU Level 12 DMU
Training & Extension of Farm Forestry 1,200 VSS